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World-Link VoIP – Setting up Firefly and Using the Softphone

There are various softphones available on the net  and if you have one already installed, the main data you need to know to use World-Link's VoIP is as follows.

1. Network type = IAX*

2. Server =

3. Username = Account No. (or "guest" if you wish to access securely - go to "To Use World-Link VoIP" for more info on this option)

4. Password = PIN (leave blank if using “guest” for Username)

If you do not already have a softphone downloaded, can we recommend Firefly from Virbiage to you. It is simple to download, install, and set-up. Note: Firefly works with Windows only - If you need software for Mac or Linux, we recommend Counterpath's X-Lite (set-up instructions not yet online - but we'll be glad to walk you through installation if you drop us a line).

*World-Link’s VoIP works with SIP also.

Instructions for downloading Firefly softphone and World-Link VoIP Settings 

Firefly can be downloaded free of charge from this  link:

From the above page, download the third-party version of Virbiage Firefly which leads to the page shown below. Click the button for “third-party network” as shown, and then click the “next” button.

Screenshot - "Welcome to Firefly"


You are given an option of skins for your desktop. We have selected this one:

Screenshot - Firefly Skin selection

The next step is to click on MENU on the softphone (top left-hand corner).

Click OPTIONS and you are then presented with this screen:


Screenshot - Firefly Options Menu

Click on Network 1.

Complete the data as shown below

Make sure to enter the Server (Name) properly:  and, that the “Active” box is checked off.

Username = Account No. (the 5-digit account number from your World-Link VoIP welcome email)

Password = PIN (your 4-digit pin number)

Alternatively, you may use the word "guest" as the Username and leave the Password blank.

Screenshot - Firefly  Network setup

That's it! You're done. Just Click on "OK" - and your Firefly phone will appear on screen and you'll be ready to make your first VoIP call.

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