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Beware of the Ides of March – well actually the 11th of March

If you are an Eircom customer you may be aware that they will introduce an increased set-up fee of 9.50c (5.95c excl. VAT) for all calls from 11 March 2011. The potential is therefore there to charge you 10c +  for a local call of 1 second. Not very nice and most certainly very costly. To add further to your costs, Eircom will extend the peak charging period by 2 hours – the new peak hours are 7am to 7pm, including Bank Holidays.

Click on the link below - we think you'll see a worrying pattern developing. Perhaps now is the time to consider switching your account to World-Link

 For further details call Alan on 1800 992 895 or email

1, July 2010 Eircom 3.0% Increase

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